Welcome to the Manning’s School family!

Manning’s School has secured a significant place in Jamaica’s education system. We are proud of our record of excellence in the holistic development of students. Our teachers and support staff have been consistent in ensuring that this institution continues to remain the shining beacon in the West. Manning’s School has a continuing tradition of excellence which you as a student can be proud of. As one of the oldest high schools in Jamaica, we have the distinction of being a pioneer in educational leadership. Our innovative spirit and willingness to surpass boundaries, have enabled us to produce and continue to produce some of the nation’s most outstanding men and women who have served OR are continuing to serve with
distinction in every sector of society, nationally and internationally.

The current Covid-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on the way we operate as an institution. We implore you to abide by the health protocols that are outlined in this handbook and be guided by information from the Ministry of Health. By doing so, you will not be only protecting your own health, the health of the Manning s family and those you live with, but you will be playing your part in reducing and helping to eliminate the spread of this virus in Jamaica.

Now that you are a part of this great institution, you are expected to work diligently; set goals each term/year and aspire to achieve them. Students in partnership with parents are expected to add value to this noble institution while developing a spirit of loyalty and goodwill.

Manning’s offers the unique opportunity of obtaining the optimal blend of academics, co-curricular activities, sports and culture. You only need to immerse yourself in the life of the school to gain this educational package.

I therefore urge you to be an active and positive team player in all areas as you learn and appreciate the history and culture of Our Own Dear Manning’s School. Pay homage to the rich legacy handed down by our forefathers, leaders and community members who have contributed immensely to the school you now hold dear. Respect the uniform you wear and hold fast to our motto – VITA SINE LITTERIS MORS EST … Life Without Learning is Death.