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“Here are some things you’d only know if you attended Manning’s School”

Starting in 1738 we are the oldest co-education institution in the Caribbean.

Students at the school believe in their motto, ‘Vita Sine Litteris Mors Est’, which means Life without Learning is Death, and this has shaped a proud ‘blue blooded’ school culture over the years.

Have a chat with any Manning’s past student and he or she will tell you that the school is the best in Jamaica – not just because of the institution’s  commitment to academic excellence, but because of a fun school environment that created long lasting memories. Some notable Manning’s alumni are Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte, Member of Parliament Dwayne Vaz and journalist Emily Shields.

Manning’s students, current and past, are always correcting persons and defending the correct name of the school. “It’s not Manning’s High School. It’s Manning’s School“, feeling a sense of entitlement /superiority to other schools in the parish