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February 10, 2023

Press Release

The Board of Management of Manning’s School, acknowledges the discussion arising from the comments in the media about a fifteen year old boy who is a former student of this institution.

As an educational institution, the holistic development of our nation’s children is of paramount importance. We are therefore, sensitive to the needs of all our students.

 Having conducted our own investigation as well as examined all the reports concerning this situation:

 1. The Board is satisfied that the administration of Manning’s School followed the necessary protocols and that the matter was appropriately dealt with.

 2. The Regional Office of the Ministry of Education and Youth has expressed satisfaction with the report received and the way this situation was handled.

 3. The boy’s mother indicated in a meeting held on June 21, 2022, that she would remove her child from Manning’s School in the best interest of her son.

 4. The Principal refuted making any statement in reference to ‘a herd of goats,’ and there is no record of such a statement in any of the meeting notes with the parent.

 We use this medium to wish for this student all the best as his parents endeavour to get the help that he needs so that he can effectively continue his educational journey. The Manning’s family will continue to assist where possible.

 Manning’s School
Board of Management.

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